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  • Apa itu Mesin CNC Turning? Tue, 17-Sep-2019

    CNC Turning is a manufacturing process in which bars of material are held in a chuck and rotated while a tool is feed to the piece to remove material to create the desired shape.

  • Understanding CNC Milling Machine Tue, 17-Sep-2019

    CNC Milling or Computer Numerical Control Milling, is a machining process that employs make tool path with programmable controll data and rotating cutting tools to progressively removing material from the workpiece and produce a custom-designed part or product.


Aeronautical & Elektronik Engineering

Electronics technology Expert on design electronic control systems by Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), Digital Signal Processor  (DSP), microcontrollers (ARM, AVR etc) processors.

Drivers and controllers

Synchro, resolvers, motors,  high power, and precision systems by means of IGBT, transformers, power modules, etc.

Product: Navigation and moving Maps

Functions: Multi-purpose display

  • Moving the map and heading display
  • GEO Positioning
  • Flight Data
  • Aircraft Status data (Roll, Pitch, Yaw)
  • Camera Interface
  • Map data loading and settings
  • DO-160 Compatibility
  • Sunlight readable display

Aircraft Navigation and engine sensors converter unit

  • AIU converts analog and discrete signals from diverse source and sensors of aircraft to serial interface protocol, such as ARINC429, RS-422/485, CAN (ARINC 825) or AFDX (ARINC664)
  • Converts signals from:
    • Air pressure sensors
    • Fee Gryros, compass
    • INS systems
    • All Syncro and resolver sensors
    • Radio Altimeter
    • Fuel Sensors
    • Engine Sensors

High Power Industrial DC Motor Driver

  • Up to 400 Amps, PWM Driving
  • Input voltage: 18-28 DC
  • Smart Control (Current, Temperature and luck sensing)
  • Programmable RPM Controlling
  • Time Controlling (Programmable delays)
  • soft and fast running, soft and fast stop
  • RS-422 serial interface, status, and warnings repot
  • Discrete and digital command interface (controlling by panel or computer interface)
  • Noise Isolation
  • Harsh environmental operation (Drop, Shock, Strike, Vibration and temperature (-20 to +60) resistant)

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Tip Capper Cordial white cap sealer - Other Side

Knife Pocket - Other Side

Car Wheel Cavity Mold with Insert Core Cavity

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